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"In dreams no man wears a mask." ....Edward Counsel

I am not a physicist, so this really comes from a mind that probably knows no more about Quantum Physics than you do.

My most simplistic analogy of the Quantum Therory as related to the Quantum Biofeedback and all energetic medicine is the "butterfly effect" which refers to the degree of interconnectivity in all existence. In other words, if a butterfly flaps its wings across the continent, will there be an effect on something here?

According to Quantum Physicists, the answer is 'Yes.'

I know this is a lot to comprehend, but just acknowledging this one scientific fact alone will certainly change not only the way we see ourselves in this world and our responsibility to mankind, but also the way we view wellness, healing, and our quality of life.

Our goal is to empower you with the wisdom of your body and healthy choices.

And remember, every action we take or do not take, matters for all time. It may well be the most important action we ever take. Let's make it count!

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