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"An Open Mind is a Vast Reservoir of Wisdom and Knowledge." ....... Rita Rogers

The EPFX or SCIO is a highly sophisticated device and inclusive program

with sensors attached by wires to the ankles, wrists and forehead that

measure and feed resonance information between the SCIO and the client.

The ionic exchanges of reaction that take place in your body and brain

(at 1/100 of a second) are measured as energetic components in your body.

The SCIO is a biofeedback device for sophisticated electrodermal

response detection and stress reduction, designed by Professional

Health Practitioner, Professor Bill Nelson.

SCIO stands for "Scientific Conciousness Interface Operating System," which is a reference of how fast it's able to comfortably and non-invasively obtain feedback on reactions above what we call a "baseline."

This information, which is above this baseline or "norm" of response to over ten thousand electronic signatures of various items, can be obtained by the SCIO in a very short amount of time (3 - 5 minutes).

Unique SCIO feedback:

The SCIO gives us feedback on your unique responses to stress in a highly refined way and helps train you to react diferently, consequently reducing and controlling it.

Biofeedback allows individuals to take control over bodily processes normally considered involuntary. SCIO Quantum Biofeedback empowers people with the ability to use specific reactive signals from their own bodies to positively change the way they live!

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