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"I have spread my dreams under your feet; Tread softly, because

you tread on my dreams." .......William Butler Yeats

"I am truly amazed at how the SCIO technology works! I have done a number of sessions

and every session was very different from the others. There were times I felt energized with a deeper connection within myself. Other times I felt exhausted, needing to sleep after a deep session. But it never felt like it was "too much." I always felt a sense of deeper connection and awareness after every session. I would remark to my facilitator that I could feel the SCIO working on certain areas of my body. It was remarkable to be able to feel this process when the machine was hundreds of miles away from where I was. I don't understand how it works, all I know is that


.....Dave Buck, DC

"The Quantum SCIO has been a most amazing tool for me. I have been particularily surprised by the level of specificity. It picks up and works on imbalances on all levels, including spiritually."

.....Pamela Mozingo, D.C.

"Rita helped me with the most precious person in my life, my daughter, who was headed down a destructive path in high school. After Rita worked with her, things got worse....then better and better. Today, she is on the dean's list and has been accepted to colleges of her choice. I believe Rita knows a mother's heart, and I encourage any mother to trust their most precious cargo to Rita."


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