But, really, who is Rita...this soul behind the form?

Not that my childhood will make any difference to you as a customer, but I would like to give you an idea of who I am and where I came from. My father was a pipeliner, laying gas and water pipelines across the United States…, another one of those commodities that are taken for granted these days. Undeniably, most people have no idea of the sacrifices made in order to enjoy these luxuries that are so commonplace in our society. As my father would finish up a job within a 100 mile radius, my mother would tie up the cabinets in the kitchen of our mobile home (trailer, as they called it back then), and my dad would hitch the trailer up to his pickup to move our home to the next town, or state, as it may well be. By the time I was 14 years of age, we had lived in over 60 towns and approximately 32 states. I did get to spend most of my high school years in Salem Illinois, graduating in the top 8% of the class.

I went on to Southern Illinois University, Carbondale IL, as a pre-med student. Upon graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Physiology and a Minor in Chemistry, I decided to follow the path of naturopathic medicine rather than orthodox medicine. Both my husband and I pursued the path of natural healing at the Arizona College of Naturopathic Medicine in Arizona. Due to a great deal of political upheaval with the Chiropractic, Naturopathic, and Medical Boards, the school was closed after attending three out of the four years of post graduate study. By that time, rather than moving to the west coast to finish Naturopathic school, my husband’'s decision was that we needed to get “"real" jobs” to raise our first two children. From this point I pursued other natural healing techniques, as well as studies and work in tax consulting for small business, banking, retail management, and breeding and raising Airedales. I was never at a loss for learning or doing something new. Life was and still is an adventure.

My path is a spiritual path, one of healing for myself, my family, friends, and global community. My family is extremely important to me, with a deep understanding that they are here to walk their own paths and do their own healing. I cannot do it for them, but I can lead by example. Today, in caring for my 91 year old mother in her final years, I am healing myself, my family and assisting my mother in her needs for completion. My prayer is that the ancestral strings will forever change for my children through my own healing work and the work of Dr. Donny Epstein. I am very clear that I am only an instrument for others, whether it be family, friends or clients.

For 7 years, I ran group sessions and served as a mentor and sponsor for others to step up, find, and embody their inner strength and courage. I found that to be a deep enriching commitment to other’ souls. Some of my natural God-given talents are in writing and editing. I love the ocean, beaches and mountains as it nourishes and uplifts my soul. I love to write poetry; as it is the “melody of my soul. I always loved my Airedales and my horses, as they exemplify the strong free spirit and the essence and pure soul of the "ALL". All in all, I find that my diversity, love for learning, and love of healing and life may have been born from my nomadic, almost gypsy-like early childhood and my strong German heritage. It truly molded the person I am today; as I am extremely grounded, versatile, and an avid student of healing, learning, and life. One of my previous soul styles from Dr. Epstein's Ultimatum (a must-do program) is:


Thank you for taking the time to learn who I am and for adding to the richness of my life.

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